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Digital Marketing 


Learn your audience

We analyse your target audience, competitors and businesses with a similar following to help us gauge which types of content perform best. This allows us to build an effective content plan.

Lead generation

Meta's effective targeting options that strategically collect data from its users give our in-house experts the ability to deliver tailor-made advertising into the palm of your audience’s hand.

Set goals

Before we start, our marketing initiatives will need goals to help us measure performance and progress. This could be 

brand awareness​, website traffic, lead generation, etc​.

Sales funnel

Unlike 90% of other digital marketing agencies, we manually qualify your leads and book them straight into your calendar. SADJE gives you the time to run your business while we focus on providing you with high-quality leads. 

Content Creation

 The Ad creative that a user sees could be their first impression of the company. We make your brand stand out with a diverse combination of engaging ad creatives aimed especially at your target audience.

Long term growth

We want to work with you long-term and help your business continue to expand. We have bespoke packages that fit your individual needs based on your current financial position. 

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